Subtle motion happens around us all the time, including tiny vibrations caused by sound. New technology shows that we can pick up on these vibrations and actually re-create sound and conversations just from a video of a seemingly still object. But now Abe Davis takes it one step further: Watch him demo software that lets anyone interact with these hidden properties, just from a simple video.

Abe Davis: New video technology that reveals an object's hidden properties



Phrasal Verbs

  • add up to
  • bang on
  • do with
  • figure out
  • figure out, separated
  • get back, separated
  • go down
  • go on
  • hold up
  • keep in
  • pick up
  • play on
  • put in, separated
  • see into
  • take back, separated
  • try on, separated
  • try out, separated
  • turn out