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Tailor-Made Made Easy

If you are offering tailor-made courses for your Business English learners or are creating specialised courses for corporations, Enzo's Butler can make it easier for you. After you have assessed your learner's needs you can easily find articles and videos to make a personalised course for her.

Enter the library and filter the content based on your learner's English level, topics related to her work and vocabulary she needs to study. You can even filter on location so you can create lessons based on content from the countries in which her business operates.

Learner Personas

If you do not want to filter and search everytime you are looking for material explore the ready made learner personas, or create your own. A learner persona is meant to represent a typical learner of business English. Each learner persona has recommended articles and videos suited for her level, interests and needs.

By creating one or more learner personas matching your learners's needs you will quickly see what in the library is recommended for your learner.

Essential Business English

The Big-Data Analytics engine of Enzo's Butler analyses thousands of texts every week. The knowledge gained is used to make sure that the articles and videos inserted in the library represent what is essential Business English. This means that the vocabulary chosen for each article and video are found in the context in which it is most likely to occur.

Effective teaching in context, effective learning.

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Hourly Updates

To save time preparing the lessons Enzo's Butler has created a worksheet for each article and video. Ready for you to download directly and print.

The library is updated every hour with the latest news to make sure your learners are not only learning Business English, but also staying up-to date on what is happning in their area of work. The sources span from articles from news sites, blogs, company websites and videos from Youtube.

Use today's news for tomorrow's Business English lesson.

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