1 December 2014

~ Biography of Enzo's Butler ~

In order to tell you the story of Enzo's Butler I must first tell you the story of Enzo.

~ Who is Enzo? ~

Enzo is my Italian alter ego. I am Kent Danielsson, a language and computer enthusiast/geek born in Sweden in the year of 1982. Enzo on the other hand was born in Italy year 2014 when I had just signed up for an Italian phone number. My then-girlfriend was about to enter it in her contact list and said "What name should I write? What is your Italian name?" Whenever I make some effort to become slightly more italian (at least in my opinion) I usually say "Sono un italiano, un italiano vero" but I had never thought about a name for my Italian alter ego. My superhero alter ego is obviously Superman (Clark Kent), but my Italian one?

"Enzo" she said. "Hmmmm..." I thought with a slight frown upon my face. I didn't identify with the name immediately but I couldn't come up with a better one myself. As time went by I started to like it more and more. A few weeks later after doing some research about the name I learned that the founder of Ferrari actually was named Enzo Ferrari. I'm not that into cars but I've always liked the look of the Ferrari cars. So it was decided, my Italian alter ego is called Enzo.

~ Who is Enzo's Butler? ~

Enzo's Butler is my virtual creation. He was born out of curiosity and a need to explore the possibilities to create better tailor-made language courses. When it was time to decide on a name for this service I started thinking about a metaphor for what it was doing. After some brainstorming butler was the metaphor I liked the most. I couldn't name it just Butler though, I needed something catchier. A butler usually works in someones household. So, the butler should be someones butler. Whose butler? "Aha! It's my butler. Enzo's butler!" Enzo's Butler was born.

Enzo's Butler is still growing and developing. He may try to speak like he would fit into a victorian British manor house but he still has a lot to learn. If you have any requests on what to teach him next, please contact me and I will see what I can do.

All the best,

Kent "Enzo" Danielsson